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“Church of Metamorphosis in Kalamaria” by Nikos

Posted by Maria Theodosiou on February 12, 2009



2 Responses to ““Church of Metamorphosis in Kalamaria” by Nikos”

  1. Simeon Mavridis said

    What was there before the town hall? an elementary school? Yes? I went to that school when I was little. Could you please me tell the name and the number of the previous elementary school i.e. public school no. Sas euxaristo


  2. Alexandros said

    Simo the name was 4o Dimotiko Sholeio Kalamarias (4th Elementary School of Kalamaria). And if you remember we used to be classmates. Im so glad to find you here. Hope that you will get this message from me and email me at

    Alexandros Konstantaras

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